Android Developer

حقوق تا ۶ میلیون تومان


فرصت شغلی

نوع همکاری: تمام‌وقت
سطح: جوان (Junior)
زمینه کاری شرکت: توسعه اپلیکیشن ناوبری تلفن همراه
اندازه شرکت: ۱۱-۵۰ نفر

What you will learn and do as an Android developer:

You'll help create a beautiful, unique product which allows anyone to Navigate to their destination.
You’ll ship reliable software through continuous integration, test automation, and in-depth code reviews.
You'll find simple, elegant solutions to hard problems.
You'll work collaboratively with the product manager, and experienced engineers; both on our team and with our friends on other teams. You’ll grow as an software developer, and as you do you’ll lift others around you.

  • Up to date and eager to read and learn
  • Committed to building apps with High maintainability
  • Strong ability to collaborate with team members in order to design and building apps with the best possible quality and in shortest possible time
  • Eager to share your own ideas, and open to those of others
  • Experience in implementing at least one app with shareable code
  • Familiar with MVVM architecture
  • Familiar with tools and concepts of Testing
  • Familiar with Dependency Injection concepts
  • Familiar with SOLID fundamentals
  • Familiarity with Kotlin is an extra bonus point


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